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PhD. in Philosophy and Educational Sciences.

Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development.
National Distance Education University. Spain.

Work address:
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
Departamento de Teoría de la Educación y P. Social.
Cátedra UNESCO de Educación Ambiental
C/ Senda del Rey nº 7. 28.040 – Madrid (España)
Telf. (34) 913.986.978 – Fax (34) 913.986.918

Over the last twenty years she has developed her research and teaching activity within the environmental field, environmental education and sustainable development.

She has worked as a UNESCO consultant concerning environment issues, environmental education and sustainable development.

Member of the Board of Directors of Scientist for the Environment (CIMA)

Analyst Member of the Institute of Transnational Studies (INET).

Member of the Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) and the International Network of Writers for the Earth (RIET).

Chairholder of the International Postgraduate Degree in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development of the International Network of Higher Degree in Environmental Education at the National Distance Education University, Spain.

Director of the ECOARTE Project, which aims towards the integration of Science, Art and Environment.

Special Advisor to the Earth Charter Initiative International.


 - Director of the EDUCAMDES Research Group, of the National Distance Education University (UNED), Spain.


 Research topics:

- Environmental Education, Sustainable Development and Globalization.

- Women and Environment: a social and educational approach.

- Science, Art and Environment: towards an integrated and transdisciplinary approach.

- Systems, complexity and the new environmental paradigm: towards a transdisciplinary and integrated learning model. 



- Various research projects have been carried out under her direction, of which six were ordered by UNESCO, two by the General Directorate of Environment (MOPU), and one by the Nature Conservation Institute (ICONA), which gave as a result the document “Basis for an Environmental Education Strategy” (Spain’s first Public Administration document on the issue).


Doctorate thesis:

- Five doctorate thesis directed. All of them were qualified with “cum laude” and three of them received an Honours Degree (PhD with distinction).


Her work is focused on environment issues, sustainable development and environmental education. As well as many articles in specialised magazines, she has published sixteen books, five of them sponsored by UNESCO, with the following titles:

 - Mujer y medio ambiente: los caminos de la visibilidad.                 [Women and Environment: the path for visibility] (Coord.) (2007) Madrid. Los libros de la Catarata

- El desarrollo sostenible: su dimensión ambiental y educativa.   [Sustainable Development: environmental and educational dimensions] (2006)  Madrid. Pearson/UNESCO

- Ciencia, Arte y medio Ambiente. [Science, Art and Environment] (Coord.)(2002) Madrid. Mundi-Prensa

- Globalización, Crisis ambiental y Educación                                [Globalization, Environmental Crisis and Education] (coord.). Madrid. Ministerio de Educación y Cultura. 2002.

- El enfoque sistémico: su dimensión educativa.                                     [The systemic approach: educational dimensions] Madrid. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. 2002.

- Cambiar es posible. [Change is possible] Madrid. Universitas, sponsored by UNESCO. 2001

- Los desafíos ambientales: reflexiones y propuestas para un futuro sostenible.                                                                                  [Environment’s challenges: reflections and proposals for a sustainable future] (coord.). Madrid. Universitas, sponsored by UNESCO. 1999.

- El análisis interdisciplinario de la problemática ambiental                 [An interdisciplinary analysis of the environmental problem] (2 vols.) (coordinated with R. Lara). Madrid, Fundación Universidad-Empresa, sponsored by UNESCO and PNUMA. 1997.

- La interpretación de la problemática ambiental: enfoques básicos.    [Interpreting the environmental problem: basic approaches]  (2 vols.) (Coordinated with R. Lara). Madrid, Fundación Universidad-Empresa, sponsored by UNESCO and PNUMA.1997.

- La Educación Ambiental: bases éticas, conceptuales y metodológicas.  [Environmental Education: ethical, conceptual and methodological basis]  First Edition Madrid, Universitas, 1995. Co- edited by UNESCO/Universitas, 1998.

- Bases para una Estrategia Española de Educación Ambiental.       [Basis for a Spanish Environmental Education Strategy] Madrid. ICONA. 1993.

- Juegos de Educación Ambiental. [Environmental Education Games] Madrid. ICONA. 1988.

-  Educación y Medio Ambiente. [Education and Environment] Madrid. UNED. 1986.

- Educación Ambiental.  [Environmental Education] Madrid. Anaya. 1985. (First book on environmental education).


As for her artistic work, since the seventies she has published:

- Bienvenido, Juan. [Welcome, John] Barcelona. Ediciones Graó. 2006

- Ellas, las invisibles. [Women, the Invisible] Madrid. Ediciones Algaba. 2003

-Ecoarte. [ECOART] Alicante. Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo. 2001

- Microcosmos. [Microcosms] Sevilla. Diputación de Sevilla. 2000

- Libertad no conozco. [Freedom, I know not] Madrid. Ediciones Torremozas. 1991

- Yo no sé. [I don’t know] La Coruña. Ediciones Nordes. 1975


Collaboration in books:

- Collaboration in twenty books, published in national and international media, amongst which, the most recent is Innovation, education and communications for sustainable development, Frankfurt, Peter Lang Eds. 2006.

Participation in Congresses, Courses, Seminars...

- Lecturer in more than 180 national and international Congresses and meetings, among which are the following:

- Courses and conferences which took place at the Frascati-Rome European Centre of Education (Italy); at the Latin-American Faculty of Environmental Sciences at La Plata (Argentina); at the Lülea University (Sweden); at the Institute for International Relations of The Havana (Cuba); at the Universities of Guadalajara (Mexico); Mar del Plata (Argentina); San Salvador (El Salvador); at the Bolivarian University of Chile and Osorno University, among others.

- Director of three courses on Environment and Environmental Education at the Menéndez Pelayo International University.

- Lecturer at the I Series of Conferences on Complexity and Pedagogy Models, organized by Madrid’s UNESCO Centre. Madrid, June 2008.

- Co-director and lecturer at the International Seminar “Science and art through global change”, organized by the International University of Andalucía. Sevilla, January 2008.

- Lecturer at the I Ibero Meeting of the Earth Charter Initiative for Sustainable Development organized by the Fundación Valores, in Madrid, November 2007.

- Lecturer at the III International Congress “Utopia and projects for a better world”, organized by the Fundación Valores and celebrated in Madrid, June 2007

- Lecturer at the Meeting organized by the Earth Charter Initiative International about “Education for sustainable development in Latin America”, celebrated in Costa Rica, October 2006.

- Member of the International Scientific Committee for the 3rd Environmental Education Congress (3 WEEC), celebrated in Torino (Italy), October 2005.

- Lecturer at the II International Seminar on “Complex Theory”, organized by the Philosophy Institute of Havana (Cuba), January 2004.

- Lecturer at the International Symposium “Education and Sustainability”, which took place in Almonte (Huelva- España), March 2003, under the frame of the Andalusia Board.

- Director and Lecturer of the International Seminar “Imagining a new globalization: science, art and environment”, Alicante (Spain), October 2002.

- Organiser and Lecturer of the International Seminary “Imagine a new globalization: science, art and environment”, which took place in Alicante (Spain), in October 2002.

- Director and Lecturer of the International Seminary “The environment in the globalization society: ecological and social aspects”, organised by the Menéndez Pelayo International University in Santander (Spain), in September 2001.

- Lecturer at the International Congress “Challenges of the new century”, organised by UNEAC, and which took place in The Havana (Cuba), in April 2001.

- Lecturer at the “International Meeting of Experts on Environmental Education: new proposals for action”, organised by UNESCO and the Council of Galicia (Spain) in Santiago de Compostela, in November 2000.

- Lecturer at the International Congress “From the children to the city: participatory planning and social context in Italy and Europe” (“Dai bambini alla citta: progettazione partecipata e contesto sociale in Italia e in Europa”), which took place in Fano (Italy), in May 2000.

- Director and Lecturer of the Hispanic-Cuban Work-Shop on Environment and Sustainable Tourism, organised by the Council of Seville and the UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education in 1999.

- Director and Lecturer of the Work-Shop on Environmental Education which took place in Thessalonica (Greece), organised by UNESCO in 1997, under the frame of the International Congress on “Environment and Society: Education and Public Conscience for Sustainability”.

- Coordinator of the international Forum on Literature and Ecology, Mollina (Málaga), February, 1993 and organized by the Social Affairs Ministry.

- Lecturer at the UNESCO SYMPOSIUM "Reshaping Education for Sustainable Development", under the frame of the World Congress for Education and Communication on Environment and Development, which took place in Toronto (Canada), in October 1992.

- Lecturer at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Participation in the drafting of the “Treaty on Environmental Education for sustainable societies and global responsibility”, which was subscribed during this meeting.

- Invited as Expert at the UNESCO-UNEP International Congress on Environmental Education and Training, organised by UNESCO in Moscow (URSS) in August 1987.




- She has been a consultant, concerning environment, environmental education and sustainable development, for the Ministerial Cabinet of Public Works and Urban Planning, for the General Directorate of Environment; for the Commission of the V Centenary of the City of Alicante; for the Programme “Ibiza: a garden in the sea”. Member of the Group of Experts at UNESCO/MEC to include the Environmental Education in the Spanish system of education. Member of the Technical Team of the Organisation of Iberoamerican States (O.E.I.) to introduce Environmental Education in South America. Member of the Jury for the Joaquín Costa Environmental Journalism Prizes and for the Mediterranean Prizes on Environment. Consultant at UNESCO to direct, in 2000, an international research on the environment, environmental education and sustainable development. Consultant at UNESCO on technical assistance for the International Conference on Environmental Education, fostered by this organism in 2000, in Santiago de Compostela. Collaborator and producer of several television programmes on the environment, environmental education and sustainable development. Scientific Consultant for the Environmental Programme “Habitat Guardians”, of  the Spanish Television and Autonomous Community of Madrid (RTVE/CAM); Member of the Editorial Committee of the following magazines “Polis” (Bolivarian University of Chile); “Medio Ambiente y Comportamiento Humano” (“The Environment and Human Behaviour”, International Magazine of Environmental Psychology, La Laguna University); “Revista Internacional de Sostenibilidad, Tecnología y Humanismo” (Universidad Politécnica of Barcelona, UNESCO Chair on Sustainability); and “Eduga” (Revista Galega do Ensino, Education and Organization University Councile, Xunta de Galicia).